Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The Spider-Man franchise has been a staple of superhero movies for decades, with multiple actors taking on the role of the web-slinging hero. However, in 2018, a new Spider-Man movie hit theaters that was unlike any other before it. "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" introduced audiences to a multiverse of Spider-People, including the first-ever Afro-Latino Spider-Man, Miles Morales. The animated film quickly became a critical and commercial success, winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

In this blog post, we'll delve into why "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" was such a groundbreaking film. First, we'll explore how the movie pushed the boundaries of animation, utilizing a unique style that blended comic book aesthetics with modern technology. We'll also examine the film's themes of representation and diversity, and how it gave young people of color a superhero they could finally see themselves in.

Additionally, we'll discuss the film's impact on the Spider-Man franchise as a whole, and how it paved the way for more diverse and inclusive storytelling in the genre. We'll also look at the movie's success at the box office, and what it means for the future of superhero movies.

But beyond all that, what made "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" so special was its heart. It was a movie that celebrated the idea that anyone can be a hero, no matter who they are or where they come from. It was a movie that showed us that we all have our own unique talents and abilities, and that we can use them to make a difference in the world. So join us as we swing into the world of "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," and discover why it's one of the most important superhero movies of all time.

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I just watched the highly anticipated sequel to "The Incredibles", and I have to say, it definitely lived up to the hype. As a movie expert with a focus on directing and cinematography, I was impressed with the overall technical aspects of the film. The animation was top notch and the action sequences were thrilling.

Plot Summary

The movie picks up right where the first one left off, with the Parr family trying to balance their normal lives with their superhero identities. This time around, Elastigirl takes center stage as she is recruited to help bring superheroes back into the spotlight. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible is left to take care of the kids, including the discovery of Jack-Jack's various powers.


One of the strongest aspects of "The Incredibles 2" was the humor. The comedic timing and delivery of the lines were spot on, and there were plenty of laughs throughout the film. The action sequences were also a highlight, with some truly breathtaking moments that had me on the edge of my seat.

However, there were a few weak points in the film. The plot felt a bit predictable at times, and some of the new characters introduced didn't feel fully fleshed out. Additionally, the villain's motivations were a bit lackluster compared to the first film's Syndrome.

Cast and Characters

The voice acting was top notch, as expected from a Pixar film. Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson reprised their roles as Helen and Bob Parr, and their chemistry was still as strong as ever. Sarah Vowell returned as Violet, and newcomer Huck Milner voiced Dash. Samuel L. Jackson also returned as fan favorite Frozone.

Overall Opinion

Overall, "The Incredibles 2" was a worthy sequel to the beloved original. While it may not have completely surpassed the first film, it still managed to deliver on the humor and action that fans have come to love. The animation was stunning, and the voice acting was top notch. If you're a fan of the first movie, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: A Fun-Filled Adventure for All Ages

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a 2018 animated movie that is a sequel to the 2012 hit movie Wreck-It Ralph. The movie follows the story of Ralph and Vanellope, two best friends who embark on a journey to the internet to save Vanellope's game from being shut down. The movie is directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, and features the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, and Gal Gadot.

Plot Summary

The movie starts with Ralph and Vanellope living their lives in the arcade. One day, Vanellope's game, Sugar Rush, breaks down and the arcade owner decides to unplug it. Ralph and Vanellope decide to go to the internet to find a replacement part for the game. Once they get to the internet, they encounter a whole new world of possibilities and challenges. They meet a search engine named KnowsMore, a tough racing driver named Shank, and a group of Disney princesses.


Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun-filled adventure that both kids and adults can enjoy. The movie is visually stunning, with its vibrant colors and detailed animation. The movie also has a great soundtrack that complements the story and adds to the overall experience.

One of the strong points of the movie is its ability to balance humor and heart. The movie has a lot of funny moments that will make you laugh out loud, but it also has some emotional moments that will tug at your heartstrings. The relationship between Ralph and Vanellope is the heart of the movie, and the movie does a great job of exploring their friendship and the challenges that come with it.

Another strong point of the movie is its ability to comment on the internet culture without being preachy or judgmental. The movie explores topics such as social media, online shopping, and video games in a fun and engaging way.

Weak Points

One of the weak points of the movie is its pacing. The movie is a bit slow in the beginning and takes some time to get going. The movie also has a lot of characters and subplots, which can be overwhelming at times.

Another weak point of the movie is its lack of originality. The movie follows a lot of the same beats as the first movie, and some of the jokes and references feel recycled.

Overall, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a great movie that is worth watching. The movie has a great cast, stunning animation, and a fun and engaging story. The movie has some flaws, but they are outweighed by the movie's strengths. If you're looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch with your family, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a great choice.

I recently had the pleasure of watching the 2018 release "Isle of Dogs," and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. This stop-motion animation film was directed by the legendary Wes Anderson, known for his unique and quirky style, and it definitely did not disappoint.

Plot Summary

The film takes place in a dystopian future where all dogs in the Japanese city of Megasaki are banished to a nearby trash island due to a canine flu outbreak. The story follows a young boy named Atari, who sets out to find his beloved dog, Spots, who was one of the first dogs to be banished to the island.

Strong Points

One of the strongest points of the film is the beautiful and intricate animation. The attention to detail in each frame is remarkable, and every character, both human and dog, is given their own unique personality and quirks. The voice acting is also superb, with actors such as Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, and Scarlett Johansson bringing the dogs to life with their performances.

Another strong point is the film's soundtrack. The score, composed by Alexandre Desplat, perfectly captures the film's whimsical and adventurous tone. The use of traditional Japanese instruments also adds to the film's authenticity and cultural significance.

Weak Points

One criticism of the film could be its cultural appropriation. While the film takes place in Japan and features Japanese characters and themes, the majority of the voice actors are white. Some viewers may find this problematic and insensitive.

Personal Opinion

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed "Isle of Dogs." Its stunning animation, unique storytelling, and memorable characters make it a must-see for any film lover. While it may not be perfect, its strengths far outweigh any weaknesses. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a fun and heartwarming adventure.

"Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" Review

As a movie enthusiast, I had the pleasure of watching "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" when it was released in July 2018. This animated comedy film directed by Aaron Horvath and Peter Rida Michail was a refreshing take on a superhero movie, filled with humor and witty jokes.

Plot Summary

The plot follows the adventures of the Teen Titans, consisting of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire, who are determined to have their own movie after realizing that every superhero has one except them. However, their plans are interrupted by an evil villain called Slade, who is on a mission to take over the world.


I must say that "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" was a fun-filled ride with a lot of laughs and entertainment. The movie was visually stunning, with eye-catching colors and animation that kept me glued to the screen. The voice cast was impressive, with Will Arnett as Slade, Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson, and Scott Menville as Robin, who all delivered excellent performances.

Strong Points

One of the strongest points of the movie was the humor. The jokes were well-timed, and the writers did an excellent job of poking fun at the superhero genre. The musical numbers were also a standout, with catchy tunes that I found myself humming long after the movie ended.

Weak Points

One of the weak points of the movie was that it may not appeal to everyone. The humor was aimed towards a younger audience, and some of the jokes may not resonate with adults. Also, the plot was a bit predictable, and there were no major twists or surprises.

Overall, "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" was a fun, lighthearted movie that will leave you feeling entertained. It's the perfect watch for families and kids who are fans of the Teen Titans. The movie's humor and catchy tunes make it a standout in the superhero genre, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.

Smallfoot is a 2018 animated movie that follows the story of a young Yeti named Migo, who discovers a human, also known as a Smallfoot, and tries to prove their existence to his community. The movie is directed by Karey Kirkpatrick, who has previously worked on movies like Over the Hedge and Chicken Run, and features the voices of Channing Tatum, James Corden, and Zendaya.

Plot Summary:

The movie takes place in a Yeti village high up in the mountains, where the Yetis believe that there is nothing below the clouds except for the Great Nothing. Migo is a young Yeti who dreams of becoming a Gong Ringer, a role that involves ringing a gong every morning to wake up the sun. One day, while performing his duties, Migo sees a plane crash and discovers a Smallfoot. However, when he tries to tell the other Yetis about his discovery, he is banished from the village for making up stories.

Determined to prove the existence of the Smallfoot, Migo sets out on a journey to find one. Along the way, he meets a group of Smallfoots who are also looking for the Yetis. They include Percy, a famous TV personality, and Brenda, a scientist who is studying the effects of climate change on the mountains. Together, they team up to uncover the truth about the Yetis and the Smallfoots and help their communities learn to coexist.


Smallfoot is a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The animation is top-notch, with beautiful landscapes and detailed character designs that bring the world to life. The voice acting is also impressive, with Channing Tatum delivering a standout performance as Migo and James Corden providing plenty of laughs as Percy.

One of the strongest points of the movie is its message about acceptance and the importance of questioning what you believe in. The movie encourages viewers to think for themselves and not blindly follow the beliefs of others. It also addresses important issues like climate change and the impact of human actions on the environment.

However, the movie does have some weak points. The pacing can be a bit slow at times, and some of the musical numbers feel forced and unnecessary. There are also some plot holes and inconsistencies that may leave viewers scratching their heads.

Overall, Smallfoot is a movie that is worth watching, especially for families with young children. It has a positive message, great animation, and a talented cast that brings the characters to life. While it may not be a perfect movie, it is still an enjoyable and entertaining experience that will leave you thinking about the importance of questioning what you believe in.


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