Mysterious Skin

Mysterious Skin, a 2004 film directed by Gregg Araki, is a captivating and disturbing exploration of trauma, sexuality, and memory. The film follows the lives of two young men, Neil and Brian, who were both sexually abused by their little league coach as children. As they struggle to come to terms with their past, they each embark on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately leads them to confront their shared trauma.

In this blog post, we will delve into the complex themes and motifs that make Mysterious Skin such a powerful and thought-provoking film. We will examine how the film deals with issues of trauma and the long-lasting effects of childhood abuse, as well as its portrayal of sexuality and the search for identity. We will also take a closer look at the film's visual style and the ways in which it contributes to the overall mood and atmosphere.

One of the most striking aspects of Mysterious Skin is its unflinching portrayal of the aftermath of sexual abuse. Rather than shying away from the trauma that Neil and Brian experience, the film confronts it head-on, showing the devastating impact it has on their lives. Through their struggles, we see how the trauma of abuse can manifest in different ways, from self-destructive behavior to dissociation and memory loss.

At the same time, Mysterious Skin is also a film about self-discovery and the search for identity. As Neil and Brian both grapple with the trauma of their past, they also explore their own sexuality and try to make sense of who they are as individuals. This exploration is portrayed with sensitivity and nuance, highlighting the complexity of sexual identity and the challenges of navigating a world that often doesn't understand or accept it.

Throughout the post, we will also examine the film's visual style and how it contributes to the overall mood and atmosphere of the story. From the use of dreamlike sequences to the stark contrast between the bright, sunny setting of their childhood and the seedy underbelly of the city where they live as adults, the film's visuals are an integral part of its storytelling.

Overall, Mysterious Skin is a powerful and thought-provoking film that deals with complex and challenging themes. Through its portrayal of trauma, sexuality, and identity, it offers a nuanced and deeply felt exploration of the human experience. In this post, we will dive deeper into these themes and explore the ways in which the film succeeds in telling its story.

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Blue Is the Warmest Color: A Heartfelt Coming-of-Age Story

Blue Is the Warmest Color is a French film that was released in 2013. This movie, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, is a coming-of-age story that follows the journey of a young girl named Adèle (played by Adèle Exarchopoulos) as she navigates her way through high school and into adulthood.

Plot Summary

Adèle is a high school student who is struggling to find her place in the world. One day, she meets a blue-haired girl named Emma (played by Léa Seydoux) and is instantly drawn to her. The two begin a relationship that is both passionate and tumultuous. As Adèle begins to discover who she truly is, she is forced to confront the reality of her situation and the consequences of her actions.


Blue Is the Warmest Color is a beautifully shot film that captures the emotions and experiences of its characters with incredible depth and authenticity. The cinematography is stunning, with each shot carefully crafted to convey a specific mood or feeling. The performances of the two leads are also exceptional, with Adèle Exarchopoulos delivering a raw and powerful performance that is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

Strong Points

One of the strongest points of Blue Is the Warmest Color is its portrayal of the complexities of relationships. The film does an excellent job of showing the ups and downs of Adèle and Emma's relationship, from the intense passion of their early days to the struggles they face as they try to navigate their differences. The film also explores themes of identity, sexuality, and self-discovery in a way that is both honest and poignant.

Weak Points

One potential weakness of the film is its length. At over three hours, Blue Is the Warmest Color can feel a bit slow at times and may be difficult to sit through for some viewers. Additionally, some may find the explicit nature of the film's sex scenes to be gratuitous or unnecessary.

Final Verdict

Overall, Blue Is the Warmest Color is a powerful and moving film that is definitely worth watching. While it may not be for everyone, those who are able to appreciate its artistry and emotional depth will find it to be a truly unforgettable cinematic experience. The film's exploration of love, identity, and self-discovery is both authentic and relatable, and its stunning visuals and exceptional performances make it a must-see for any movie lover.

As a die-hard movie buff, I recently watched the 2016 release "The Handmaiden" and I must say, it's an exceptional piece of work. Directed by Park Chan-wook, this movie is a masterpiece of storytelling, cinematography, and acting. The movie is based on the novel "Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters.

Plot Summary:

The Handmaiden is a story set in the 1930s in Korea during the Japanese occupation. The movie follows the story of a young girl named Sookee who is hired as a handmaiden to a wealthy Japanese heiress, Lady Hideko. Sookee's motive is to help a con man to swindle Lady Hideko and run away with her wealth. However, things take an unexpected turn when Sookee and Lady Hideko fall in love with each other.


The Handmaiden is a movie that left me awestruck. The way the story is narrated in three parts, each with its twists and turns, is brilliant. The cinematography is stunning and is a visual feast for the eyes. The movie has an excellent cast, and the actors have delivered outstanding performances. The set design and costumes are also noteworthy.

Strong Points:

The strongest point of the movie is its storyline. The movie's plot is intricate, and the way it unravels is spellbinding. The movie has a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and drama. The acting is also a strong point, especially the performances of Kim Tae-ri and Kim Min-hee, who played Sookee and Lady Hideko, respectively.

Weak Points:

The Handmaiden is a movie that demands the viewer's attention throughout its duration. The movie is slow-paced, and some viewers might find it tedious. The movie's length might be a weak point for some viewers, as it runs for almost 2 and a half hours.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, The Handmaiden is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves all the accolades it has received. It is a movie that should be watched by all movie lovers. The movie's intricate plot, stunning visuals, and outstanding performances make it a must-watch. Despite being slow-paced, the movie is worth the time investment.

As a big fan of movies and someone who's been working in the film industry for a while, I can confidently say that "Moonlight" is one of the most powerful and impressive films that I've seen in recent years.

Plot Summary:

"Moonlight" is a coming-of-age drama film that follows the story of a young Black man named Chiron, living in Miami. The movie is split into three parts, each focusing on a different period of Chiron's life. We see him as a young boy, nicknamed "Little" (played by Alex Hibbert), who is struggling with bullying at school and a drug-addicted mother (played by Naomie Harris). He finds a father figure in Juan (played by Mahershala Ali), a drug dealer who takes him under his wing.

In the second part, Chiron (now played by Ashton Sanders) is a teenager trying to come to terms with his sexuality while still dealing with the struggles of his impoverished community. He reconnects with his childhood friend, Kevin (played by Jharrel Jerome), and they share a tender moment on a beach that changes the course of their lives.

The final part of the movie shows Chiron (now played by Trevante Rhodes) as a grown man who has become a drug dealer himself, but still struggling with his past traumas and the consequences of his choices.


One thing that immediately struck me about "Moonlight" is its beautiful cinematography. The movie is shot in a way that feels both intimate and epic, capturing the beauty of Miami as well as the struggles of the characters. The use of color, lighting, and camera movement is masterful, and it adds so much to the emotional impact of the story.

The performances in this movie are also incredible. The three actors who play Chiron at different ages all give nuanced and powerful performances that allow us to see the evolution of the character over time. Mahershala Ali, who won an Oscar for his performance, is fantastic as Juan, bringing both kindness and complexity to a character that could have been one-dimensional.

Strong Points:

One of the strongest points of "Moonlight" is its ability to tell a story that is both personal and universal. While the movie is specific in its portrayal of a Black, queer, and impoverished community in Miami, the themes of identity, love, and trauma are things that anyone can relate to. The movie doesn't shy away from difficult subjects, but it also never feels preachy or didactic.

Another strong point is the way the movie uses silence and non-verbal communication to convey emotion. There are several scenes in the movie where the characters don't speak, but the looks they give each other say everything that needs to be said. It's a testament to both the actors and the director that these moments are so powerful.

Weak Points:

Honestly, I can't think of any major weaknesses in "Moonlight". Some people might find the pacing slow, but I think the deliberate nature of the storytelling is part of what makes the movie so impactful. If anything, I wish the movie had been longer so we could have spent even more time with these characters.

Personal Opinion:

As someone who loves movies that explore the human experience and the complexity of identity, "Moonlight" is a movie that resonated with me deeply. It's a movie that is both heartbreaking and hopeful, and it left me with a lot to think about. I think it's a movie that everyone should see, regardless of their background or experiences. It's a true masterpiece of cinema.

The 2017 movie "Call Me by Your Name" is one of the most talked-about movies of recent years, and for good reason. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the movie is a coming-of-age drama that's set in Northern Italy in the 1980s. It tells the story of a young man named Elio, who falls in love with an older man named Oliver over the course of one summer.

Plot Summary

Elio is a seventeen-year-old boy who spends his summers with his family in their villa in Northern Italy. When Oliver, a twenty-four-year-old graduate student arrives to work with Elio's father, who is a professor, Elio is immediately drawn to him. As the two spend more time together, they begin to develop a deep and passionate relationship, one that is complicated by their age difference and cultural background. As the summer comes to a close, Elio and Oliver must decide whether or not to stay together or to move on with their lives.


"Call Me by Your Name" is a beautifully shot movie that captures the essence of summer in Italy. Guadagnino's direction is masterful, and he manages to create a sense of intimacy and connection between Elio and Oliver that is both tender and heartbreaking. The performances by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer are also excellent, and they do a great job of conveying the complex emotions that their characters are feeling.

Strong Points

One of the strengths of "Call Me by Your Name" is its portrayal of a same-sex relationship that is both realistic and nuanced. The movie doesn't shy away from the difficulties that Elio and Oliver face, but it also doesn't fetishize their relationship or turn it into a tragic love story. Instead, it presents their relationship as something that is complicated, messy, and ultimately worth fighting for.

Weak Points

While "Call Me by Your Name" is a beautifully made movie, it may not be for everyone. The slow pace and lack of a traditional plot may turn some viewers off, and the ending may leave some feeling unsatisfied. Additionally, some may find the age difference between Elio and Oliver to be problematic, although the movie does address this issue head-on.

Final Thoughts

Overall, "Call Me by Your Name" is a powerful and moving movie that explores themes of love, desire, and self-discovery. It's a beautifully shot film, with excellent performances by Chalamet and Hammer, and it's definitely worth seeing. While it may not be for everyone, those who are willing to give it a chance will be rewarded with a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant viewing experience.

"God's Own Country" is a British drama film that was released in 2017. Directed by Francis Lee, the movie tells the story of a young sheep farmer named Johnny Saxby, who lives in a remote area in Yorkshire. Johnny is struggling to keep his farm going, and his life seems to be going nowhere until he meets Gheorghe, a Romanian migrant worker who comes to help him during lambing season.

Plot and Summary

The movie follows Johnny and Gheorghe's relationship as they work together and slowly fall in love. The film explores themes of class, sexuality, and loneliness, and it does so in a way that is both touching and realistic. Johnny is a complex character, and his journey throughout the film is often heartbreaking. However, the movie is also full of beautiful moments of tenderness and intimacy between the two protagonists.


"God's Own Country" is a beautifully shot movie, with stunning cinematography that captures the beauty of the Yorkshire landscape. The movie is also very well acted, with Josh O'Connor and Alec Secareanu delivering powerful performances as Johnny and Gheorghe respectively. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, and their relationship feels real and authentic.

Strong and Weak Points

One of the movie's strong points is its ability to convey a sense of place and atmosphere. The film captures the harshness and beauty of the Yorkshire countryside in a way that is both realistic and poetic. The movie also deals with complex themes in a nuanced and sensitive way, and it does so without ever feeling heavy-handed or preachy.

One of the movie's weak points, however, is its pacing. The film can feel slow at times, and some viewers might find it hard to stay engaged throughout the entire runtime. Additionally, the movie's ending might feel a bit abrupt to some viewers, although it also feels fitting and true to the story that has been told.

Personal Opinion

Overall, I think "God's Own Country" is a fantastic movie that deserves to be seen by a wider audience. The film is a powerful exploration of love, identity, and place, and it does so with a rare sensitivity and authenticity. The movie is not perfect, but its strong points far outweigh its weak points, and it is definitely worth watching for anyone who enjoys thoughtful, character-driven dramas.