Abre los ojos

In 1997, a Spanish film called "Abre los ojos" was released in theaters, marking the beginning of a new era in the cinematic industry. The movie was directed by Alejandro Amenábar, and it quickly became a cult classic, garnering critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase. Its innovative storytelling techniques and themes of reality and perception were unlike anything seen before in the genre, and it paved the way for a new wave of Spanish cinema.

"Abre los ojos" follows the story of a wealthy young man named César who has everything in life, but still feels unfulfilled. After a car accident leaves him disfigured, he struggles to come to terms with his new reality and begins to question what is real and what is not. The film explores the themes of identity, love, and perception, and forces the audience to question their own understanding of reality.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the themes of "Abre los ojos" and explore how the film has influenced the cinematic industry. We will examine the innovative storytelling techniques used by Amenábar, such as the use of flashbacks and dream sequences, and how they contributed to the film's success. We will also look at the impact the film had on Spanish cinema, and how it helped to push the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in the genre.

Finally, we will examine the legacy of "Abre los ojos" and how it has influenced other films and filmmakers. We will look at how its themes of reality and perception have been explored in other films, such as "The Matrix" and "Inception," and how its influence can be seen in the work of directors like Guillermo del Toro and Pedro Almodóvar.

Overall, "Abre los ojos" is a complex and thought-provoking film that continues to captivate audiences to this day. Its impact on Spanish cinema and the cinematic industry as a whole cannot be overstated, and in this blog post, we will explore why it remains such an important and influential film. So, grab some popcorn and settle in as we take a deep dive into the world of "Abre los ojos."

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The Matrix1999Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski8.7
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The Matrix: A Classic Sci-Fi Thriller

The Matrix, released in 1999, is a science fiction action thriller that revolutionized the genre with its groundbreaking visual effects and innovative storyline. Directed by the Wachowskis, the movie stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, a computer programmer who discovers that his reality is actually a simulated world created by intelligent machines that have enslaved humanity.

Plot Summary

The movie takes place in a dystopian future where humans are trapped in a virtual reality world called the Matrix, designed to keep them docile while their bodies are used as energy sources by the machines. Neo is contacted by a group of rebels who believe he is the prophesied "One" who can defeat the machines and free humanity from their control. Together with rebel leader Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), Neo sets out on a dangerous mission to challenge the Matrix and fulfill his destiny.


The Matrix is a visually stunning movie that combines breathtaking action sequences with thought-provoking philosophical themes. The film's groundbreaking special effects, including the "bullet time" slow-motion technique, were a game-changer in the film industry and have since been widely imitated. The movie also features a strong cast, with Reeves delivering a convincing performance as the reluctant hero Neo and Fishburne and Moss providing excellent support as his allies. The movie's themes of free will, reality, and the nature of consciousness are still relevant today and have inspired countless imitations and homages.

Strong Points

The Matrix's strengths lie in its innovative storytelling and visual effects, which set a new standard for science fiction movies. The movie's action sequences are thrilling and well-choreographed, and the themes of the film are thought-provoking and engaging. The performances of the lead actors are also noteworthy, particularly Reeves, who manages to convey both the vulnerability and the strength of his character.

Weak Points

One weakness of the movie is that the supporting characters are not as well-developed as the leads, with some of them feeling underutilized or one-dimensional. Additionally, the movie's sequels, released in 2003, were not as well-received as the original and failed to capture the same magic.

Final Verdict

Overall, The Matrix is a classic sci-fi thriller that still holds up today. Its innovative storytelling and visual effects, combined with strong performances from its lead actors, make it a must-see for any film fan. While its sequels may have been disappointing, the original remains a cinematic achievement that has influenced countless movies in the years since its release.

Vanilla Sky (2001) - A Review by a Movie Enthusiast

Vanilla Sky is a psychological thriller directed by Cameron Crowe and starred by Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz. The movie was a remake of the Spanish film "Open Your Eyes," which was also directed by Alejandro Amenabar.

Plot Summary

David Aames (Tom Cruise) is a wealthy publisher who lives a lavish lifestyle in Manhattan. He falls in love with Sofia Serrano (Penelope Cruz), who is his friend's girlfriend. David's life takes a turn when he meets Julie Gianni (Cameron Diaz), who becomes obsessed with him. Julie's obsession leads to a car accident that leaves David disfigured and traumatized. The rest of the movie focuses on David's journey to find out what is real and what is not.


Vanilla Sky is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot is complex and well-executed, and the cinematography is stunning. The movie does an excellent job of taking the audience on a journey through David's mind, and it leaves you questioning reality.

Strong Points

The movie's strong points are its plot and cinematography. The plot is intricate and well thought out, and the cinematography is breathtaking. The movie also has an excellent cast, with Tom Cruise giving a standout performance as David Aames.

Weak Points

The weak point of the movie is its pacing. The movie takes a while to get going, and it may lose some viewers who are not patient enough to wait for the plot to develop fully. The movie also has some confusing moments that may leave some viewers scratching their heads.

Special Features

Vanilla Sky stands out because of its unique plot and excellent cinematography. The movie also has an excellent cast, with Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz giving standout performances.

Personal Opinion

Overall, I enjoyed Vanilla Sky. The movie's plot is complex and well-executed, and the cinematography is stunning. The movie does an excellent job of taking the audience on a journey through David's mind, and it leaves you questioning reality. While the pacing may be slow at times, the movie is still worth watching for its unique plot and excellent performances.

"The Butterfly Effect" is a 2004 movie that has left a lasting impression on me. The movie is a science fiction thriller that explores the concept of time travel and the butterfly effect, where small actions can have significant consequences on the future. The movie is directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, and stars Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, and Elden Henson.

Plot Summary

The movie follows the life of Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher), who has blackouts that prevent him from remembering significant events from his childhood. As he grows up, he discovers that he can travel back in time and change events that occurred in the past. However, every time he makes a change, he alters the future, leading to unforeseen consequences. Evan uses his ability to try and fix his past mistakes, but his actions have unintended consequences that lead to tragic outcomes.


One of the strengths of the movie is its unique premise. The Butterfly Effect is a fascinating concept that sets up the movie for a mind-bending experience. The movie also has an excellent cast that delivers strong performances, particularly Ashton Kutcher, who brings an emotional depth to his character. The cinematography and visual effects are also noteworthy, as they create a haunting and memorable atmosphere that adds to the movie's overall impact.

However, the movie's weakness is its heavy-handed approach to the subject matter. The movie tackles some dark and heavy themes, including child abuse, suicide, and mental illness, which may be triggering for some viewers. The movie also has several plot holes and inconsistencies that can be distracting for some viewers.

Overall, "The Butterfly Effect" is a movie that is worth watching. It is a thought-provoking movie that explores the consequences of our actions and the power of choice. The movie's unique premise, strong cast, and haunting atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience. However, it is not a movie for everyone, as it tackles some heavy themes and may be triggering for some viewers.

"The Truman Show" is a 1998 movie directed by Peter Weir and starring Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank. The film tells the story of Truman, a man who has unknowingly spent his entire life as the star of a reality TV show. The whole town he lives in is a set, and everyone around him is an actor. Truman's every move is watched by millions of people around the world, but he has no idea that he is being watched.

Plot and Summary

The movie begins with Truman's everyday life, where he works as an insurance salesman and lives with his wife, Meryl. However, Truman starts to notice strange things happening around him, and he becomes increasingly curious about the world outside his town. He tries to leave but is stopped by the people of the town who convince him to stay. Eventually, Truman discovers the truth about his life and the show, and he decides to escape.


"The Truman Show" is a thought-provoking movie that explores the concept of reality and how it is perceived. The movie raises questions about the nature of reality, the purpose of life, and the power of media. The film is beautifully shot, with stunning visuals that add to the surreal atmosphere of the story.

One of the strongest points of the movie is the performance of Jim Carrey. He delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as Truman, capturing the character's confusion, frustration, and eventual liberation. The supporting cast is also excellent, with standout performances from Laura Linney as Meryl, Truman's wife, and Ed Harris as Christof, the creator of the show.

Weak Points

One of the weak points of the movie is the pacing. The film can be slow at times, and the story feels stretched out in places. Additionally, some of the supporting characters are underdeveloped, and their motivations are unclear.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, "The Truman Show" is a masterpiece of modern cinema. The movie explores complex themes in a thoughtful and engaging way, and the performances are outstanding. The film's visual style is also impressive, with the use of color and camera angles adding to the movie's overall impact. While it may not be for everyone, I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in thought-provoking cinema.

I recently watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and I have to say, it's a movie that really stuck with me. Directed by Michel Gondry and written by Charlie Kaufman, this 2004 film is a unique blend of science fiction, romance, and drama that explores the complexities of memory and love.

Plot Summary

The movie follows Joel and Clementine, two lovers who have recently broken up. In the aftermath of their relationship, Clementine decides to undergo a medical procedure that erases all memories of Joel from her mind. When Joel discovers what Clementine has done, he decides to undergo the same procedure, hoping to forget about their painful breakup. However, as the process unfolds, Joel begins to realize that he still loves Clementine and desperately wants to hold onto their memories together. The rest of the film is a journey through Joel's fragmented memories as he tries to salvage his relationship with Clementine.


One of the strongest aspects of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is its visual style. Gondry's use of practical effects and non-linear storytelling creates a dreamlike atmosphere that perfectly mirrors the film's exploration of memory. The performances of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as Joel and Clementine are also outstanding, conveying both the pain and joy of their relationship with authenticity and nuance.

Another notable element of the film is its exploration of the ethical implications of memory erasure. The medical procedure that Clementine and Joel undergo raises important questions about the nature of memory and the ethics of manipulating our past experiences. The film doesn't offer easy answers but instead invites the audience to grapple with these challenging questions.

Weak Points

One minor criticism of the film is that it can be confusing at times, particularly in its non-linear structure. However, I believe that this confusion is intentional and serves to immerse the audience in Joel's fragmented memories. Additionally, the film's ending may not be satisfying for all viewers, as it leaves some questions unanswered and doesn't provide a neat resolution to Joel and Clementine's relationship.

Overall, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is a powerful and thought-provoking film that stays with you long after the credits roll. Its unique blend of genres, innovative visual style, and complex exploration of memory make it a standout in the world of cinema. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking dramas and is looking for a movie that will challenge them both intellectually and emotionally.